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Flower express your feeling


Red Roses: Passion, Love, Respect, Courage, Congratulations
Pink Roses:
Happiness, Romance, Admiration, Sweetness
White Roses:
Innocence, Purity, Secrecy, Reverence, Worthiness
Yellow Roses:
Welcome or Welcome Back, Friendship, Caring, Joy
Peach Roses:
Gratitude, Appreciation, Sincerity, Modesty
Orange or Caral Roses:
Desire, Enthusiasm, Pride
Lavender Roses:
Deep Adoration, Majestic, Opulent
Blue Roses:
Impossible, Unattainable
Black Roses:
New Beginnings, Rebirth


Pink Carnation: I'll never forget you, woman's love, always on my mind
Red Carnation:
my heart aches for you, passion
Purple Carnation -
Striped Carnation -
White Carnation -
innocence, pure love
Yellow Carnation -
you disappoint me, rejection, disdain


White Lily - virginity, purity, sweetness
Yellow Lily -
I'm walking on air, false and gay
Orange Lily -


- perfect love, luck

The meaning of number of roses

1 - love at first sight, you are the one
2 - Matual Love, deeply in love with one another
3 - I love you
6 - I wanna be your
7 - I'm infatuated with you
9 - An Eternal love, together as long as we live
10 - You are perfect
11 - You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life
12 - Be my steady
13 - Secret Admirer
15 - I am truly sorry, please forgive me
20 - Believe me, I am sincere towards you
24 - Can't stop thinking about you, 24 hours everyday
99 - I will love you for as long as I live
101 - You are my one and only love
108 - Please marry me!
999 - Everlasting and Eternal love